Hi, guys, I'm new to this Wiki and don't really know what blogs have already been made so I'm not 100% sure if this is the first blog about this or not, so don't get mad at me if this is the same blog as another, ya follow me?

Anyway, this blog is to see who your favourite characters are from the whole TWD Universe?

Mine are the following -

TV Series

5. Carol Peletier

4. Philip Blake/Brian Heriot (The Governor)

3. Daryl Dixon

2. Rick Grimes

1. Maggie Greene

Comic Series

5. Carl Grimes

4. Billy Greene

3. Tyreese

2. Andrea

1. Sgt. Abraham Ford

Video Game

I haven't played the Video Game, so I can't really say but I know that Clem is a pretty badass character.

Novel Series

4. Martinez

3. April Chalmers

2. Nick Parsons

1. Brian Blake