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This is howw I would think the episodes would go down. This is my own speculations, Im sorry for if this blog has been poted more than once, I had to let it out. Not-Not real episodes name.

Episode 9-Survive

Rick and Carl centric. We can supposedly see the unamed man from the comic ,and goes with them but gets eaten. We might even see Dary and Beth. My speculation Daryl has a bite mark on his hand. He was just hiding it in the mid-season. He will chop his hand out and Beth will nurse him with supplies they still have. Michonne comes back to the prison in the end and kills our beared- undead face. Maggie and Sasha will have to help Bob. While Glenn and the Red-Shirts will most likely be at the farm. In the end Rick sees 3 sillhoutes, He walks to them and a man with a beard(Abraham)Will say "Who are you" To Rick. He says his name and says "Im Abraham."

Episode 10-Fight

Rick and Abraham meet and join together on the way to the farm.They see the prison bus and Rick introuduces them to Glenn. Maggie and Glenn reunite and All that. Tyreese and the kids are still running, and they find Carol. For me The beginning should be Carol running from Walkers. Then meeting Tyreese and kids. Michonne goes to find Rick and Carl and finds them at Hershels Farm. Beth and Daryl also go to the farm running from a herd. Maggie's group also met a herd before finding the farm and the 2 herds combine and it attacks the farm. Abraham and Rick shoots the Walkers and the redshirt also help but die. Glenn and the remaining group(Sasha,Maggie,etc.)go to the bus with rick and abe and they run outta there.

Episode 11-Reunite

Rick and CO. Manage to lose the herd.They talk about some areas to go and Abraham mentions that Eugene is a scientist and that Washington is safe.But after that, Carol and Tyreese are still on foot.Carol accidentally mentions killing Karen and David. Tyreese gets his hammer up and threatens Carol, saying "Kill these kids,Imma Kill you." Tyreese and Carol bond slightly and the kids play monoply. Carol says that life dosent matter anymore. The herd that was with Rick's roup sees them and Carol sacrifices hereself by shooting the walkers and telling Tyreese to run with the kids.Tyreese meets u with Rick and that he knows Carol Killed The 2. But he says that he can forgive her easily.

Episode 12-Hope

Rick and Co. saty at an abandoned house, Glenn thinks they are running out of supplies, So Carl,Abraham and Rick will go get supplies. Rick say they go to his town, but Abraham  says they should go somewhere else. It was decided it would be Ricks Town. When they go there, They see Morgan burning bodies. morgan greets Rick and Rick introduces him to Abraham. Rick ask Morgan if hes okay, and Morgan says yes and he wants to go to the prsion. Rick eplains and Morgan still comes with them. On the way back the 3 marauders come and attack. They try to stab Carl but Abraham carries the marauder and pushes him to a window. One marauder trys to stab Morgan,  Rick stabs him and kills the marauder, the third ran but Carl shot him.At the end of the episode, A man comes and says"Hi, My name is Gareth".Meanwhile 2 men says they should get them.

Episode 13-Safety.

Rick and Co ith new member Gareth go to the so called ASZ.They camp  out, While camping Tyreese is walking but is hit by a rock.He wakes up to find his leg missing. He finds a hammer and runs to look for the froup. The group is actually looking for him. Beth hangs herself and bla bla. She lives and Tyreese gets bit in the arm.He begins to chop it off only to pass out. Sasha finds him.Still living.He says"Im not leaving". Rick,Abraham,Morgan,Michonne,Gareth and Carl are taking out a group of men.They descrieb killing thir children to survive.One of the hunters manages to shoot Glenn, And they run. Rick says Glenn wont die when a man comes out saying "I have medicine!"

Episode 14-??

The man is supposedly named Fr.Gabriel. He aids them and gives them medicine. Nothing much but Ty healing and character development.And the war between Hunters

Episode 15

Character Developement. Lies about Eugene also happen.

Episode 16.

The group reaches Washington to see Aaron and Eric cornered. The group helps them and enter the safe zone. Everything happens like in the comic,but in the end 20 miles from the safe zone. 3 hoardes combine into one. The party also happens here.

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