Ryan Samuels Infected
Mika fdgdg Inmates
These three characters are representing 3 comic characters, though Robert has'nt comfirmed, He seems like he wants us to find out.

The Samuels

Lizzy,Mika and Ryan are a family. In episode 1 or 2. Lizzie claims to Carl that her mother died. So, in the comics, who were the twins who lost their mother?Ben and Billy. and who was the father? Allen. So everyone says 'Mika and Lizzie are Ben and Billy" but what bout Ryan? After Mazzara (grrr..) showed Allen,Donna and Ben, Gimple(horray) wanted to follow the kid murder scene, thus making Billy(or Ben) as Lizzy and Vice Versa. Allen had his leg amuputated, but wasn't introduced yet so Hershel took it. So Ryan is Allen TV Character. Instead of the leg, its the arm and neck. Lizzie is shown to have a knife so I imagine that Glenn and Maggie will adopt them (or Bob and Sasha) finding out that Lizzie murder Mika with her knife. Carl shooting her...The Hunters have a very slim chance...Thats the end of that topic!

Wait a sec!

I foudn something interesting. If you put some episodes it will form this word

"After,Inmates,Claimed,Still,Alone" So, this might mean someone is in the prison! Or it could be a coincedience.


So the prison bus was seen,  and everyone is dead....Except JEANETTE!" So Jeanette has a slim chance of being alive, who knows? maybe in TERMINUS (which i think is actualy a codename for ASZ) we'll see here

Sick Boy-dead

Achey Woman-Dead

extras on bus who I dont know-Dead


THATS all i care.


SO,no Rick,No Carl, just random new people. On 126, Carl has his gun a shadow has lucille so I think Rick will die finishing of Negan.On 127,this is my opinion . The girl is Clementine. There


Clementine is that you?Or is it another community>

i said it. So It could be the people from other communities like Jesus said


So yeah,comment be free to comment your opinions.