Walker456's Talk-People We Hate

Hello All,Walker is back with another bog.Today we look and see people in the show we are pissed at.Top 5 is We dont hate really and 1 is the person we really are mad at.


This Guy,is so badbutt.People hate him so i put him 5.But,his time is done.Reasons
Season four daryl dixon

He survive long enough

TFG Governor Negotiations

He is a man whos evil

1.He has his own game

2.He survived a tank.

Ok only 2 reasons but its his time.Even though im a hardcore fan,His time is up.Sorry Daryl Fans But he should probably go.

4.The Governor

Ok THis guy was suppose to die in season3.But number 1,kept him alive.SOO.We hated him.He killed Hershel,Pete,Martinez,AXEL!!!.He,killed more than 100 characters so he needs to be 4.We need to agree he is less evil than number 3.


EDIT:I changed Julio since i now understand him a little.So He is now not here

Ok reasons he is 3 is because Mitch,was really hated so i have no idea why hes here.But its up to you guys.






Vote Know

1.Glenn Mazzara

Glenn Mazzara,showrunner of season 2 and 3.Ruined season 2 by making it only in the farm
Mazzara SB

We Hate this guy.Well some of you

,and he destroyed Season3 by making the Governor alive.SO basically he just made characters die easily and waste them.Like killing Lori.Killing Oscar and Axel so fast.Ok he killed some characters we all Love but altelast he's gone.

For the Future-

Scott Gimple gives us hope.We will make him an awwesome showrunner if he finally does the "Everyone dies"Thing.So thank you Gimple...For Now.youre good for now but we will see you on further seasons