Walker456's Review on The Lates Episode

Hello all,i am making my first blog and review.I really like he format of WalkerMaimer,so i wanted to make one too


So a lot of people died,which we will discuss later.But for now lets see what i think

Overall,its a good episode,The Missiles,The effects were awesome.So,I have a Theory that Tara got the prison bus and drove away.He took them captive or Glenn took her in.Maggie Bob and Sasha are not looking good.Bob shot,he will most likely die from Blood loss.Which Will be a waste

Season four hershel greene

R.I.P Hershel The awesome farmer

Well he was a main character.In the opening credits,so it sad he died.We saw his body decacipatated by that one eyed man.Like Tyreese.We will miss him no matter what.His face,will be remembered.Too Bad he died.So anyway his acting was so good,Scott Green,thank you for bein in the show..We will miss you.

Beth and Daryl-Alive

So,we saw t
Daryl and Beth looking at the prison and is about to go

Wow,just Wow

hem together near the ending...i think a Beryl or Deth will come in the season..Cheria if your read this,im also a big Beth Fan.Lol.So yeah.Could they be a new love team??

if they are.Then horray.But Daryl is with Carol.SO maybe not.

Bob,Sasha and Maggie-Alive

TFG Bob Sasha Firing

Go fire squad!!!

Bob and Sasha:The new love team...Could Bob helping Tyreese all the time.Cause he like's Sasha.But he probably will die from blood loss.

Maggie is with them so she'll be alive of course.Im guessing they might be attacked by the marauders.Or Bob could be the Dale,One leg anyone???

Im hoping Bob will survive so yeah.He could live and Sasha??Not sure.

Maggie and Beth horrified at The Gov's getting ready to kill Hershel

Rick and Carl-Alive

So in the trailer.Some stuff happen.So theyre alive so thats all i can say.They will probably meet at the farm.

Lily and Tara-UNKNOWN,

Tara,like i said might have escaped in the bus,while Lily,is unknown how

Wow,Meghan died

Season four michonne

Go Michonne!!!!

could she have survived???She ran.She,in her contract,and Tara's have an optoin to become a mainee in season 5.So theyre alive.


We last see her going out off the prison.But where??We will find out on February.


He is finally Dead.S

he is dead!!!!!!!!

o he is Dead meaning,Its the Hunters now.I liked how Michonne stabbed that dood.He stabbed him like a BOSS.He was shot and killed by the gilr who likes him,Lily.


A good episode..

Acting for all Characters-9           

Episode Effects-10


Thank You!!

thanks for reading,and i'll see you all next time. 



Oh yeah and here's a bonus:

Julio killed

He died..


Woww,his actor referred him ass the mechanic,but we didnt see hime do any "Mechanical stuff" So yeah.

Glenn and the RedShirts-Alive

Well,Redshirts are with Glenn so,yeah im guessing This will be a cool season.

Tyreese and the Children-Alive

TFG Tyreese

GO Daddy

Tyreese is alive.Th childern are so he will be taking care of them until he meets Rick and Co.



Cute :)


I seen Blogs about Tyreese holding something,So it mustve been him or Michonne,Or she or he is dead.