Walker456's Talk-Sorry and Characters


I am sorry for my wrong grammar mistakes...I always wanna talk write blogs and i have no time to re-read it.But no more,I will re-read it since i have more time..So welcome to my 3rd Blog


So we all now of Gareth,the unknown man.Ftr,Gabriel Stokes,a preacher and could appear in the T.V series,Abraham and Co.,Stated to appear in Episode 10.Aaron and Eric and The Hunters.

We have a lot of people we could never know who could they be.But Gareth,an unknown character is said to be "an improtant part in the show.".

So here are my predictions on who,when and how will they meet.


Abraham and Co.

Abraham,Rosita and Eugene are set to appear in Episode 10.My guess in he ending of Episode 9,Rick and Carl find the farm and see sillhoutes.They walk over there to see a man pointing his gun at Rick."Who are you??" Rick says,"Im Abraham"..Or the usual Character appearance as at the start of episode 10.Abraham sees Rick and Carl and Points his gun and there.

 Father Gabriel Stokes

Ok people say this man may not come on the TV.But he could be the Comic Glenn death by season 5.This is my speculation and opinion.This man is needed but a little change

1.He dosent think Rick's Group are evil

2.He is not really scared,like he goes on runs and fights.

My other way he could appear is he might be walking around out of his church for food and finds them on a supermarket.
Gabriel Stokes2

"Dont kill me""


So this guy can be anyone.But he is a original character.He isn't from the comics.So he is the first original character in the opening after Daryl.He is said to appear near the ending of season 4.His Season 5 can be a Main Character.So He is original and thats all i can say.


Well im ending it here.Thank you all for reading and I'll see you next time.