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  • Walker456

                Im back, and a whole new Walker456 talk where I talk about various topic,theorys,etc. So today's topic is a TOP 5. Waking Dead killed a lot of people, here's a short list of  characters who died that made me either shout at my TV screen or wanting to call Robert and Scott to let said character live.

    So, you may not expect this character, but seriously. She was a vital part of the comics. Someone made her character so bad people hated her. Personally, I liked the character as it meant that  Someone had guts to make her have a slightly bad character devolopement. Her death was emotional an dI did not see it coming, as I knew that she was still alive in the comics. I kinda got angry as I was really excited to see Andrea join the grou…

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  • Walker456

    Hello, Ladies and Gents. Welcome to Walker456 Talk

            In all honesty, I loved the first episode of the premiere that I give it a 9.5/10. I disliked the fact of Tyreese's death. It had a relevance, such as showing the dead cast members on the show after their death. But had no point. I know that theres a reason for his death, but I cant seem to get it. I know he died in the prison arc, but he just appeared in  s3ep8.  Was it really his time? To be honest, I almost teared (But I didn't) on his death, as he was one of my fave characters shown in the TV series.  He could have been expanded, but could it be that the writers thought it was his time to go? But, realistically we almost know everything about him. We already know everything abou…

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  • Walker456

    Im back making blogs...All people who dont remember, I am the only member that was on the wiki for 2 years and still dosent have a profile picture for the wiki.

    ...Interesting in the opening credits of Walking Dead TV. In the last part of the credits where Emily Kinney and Chad Coleman names are shown, I noticed something. Beth and Tyreese died, with their names in 1 scene in the opening. Was the writers giving us hints that these 2 characters would die? It might not seem Amazing, but I just noticed that the writers put the 2 in the same part, It means that the 2 would not be a part of the whole season... and also, in season 4 Hershel and Governor's actors were listed last in the opening, and Hershel died first, then the Governor. Same with…

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  • Walker456

    These three characters are representing 3 comic characters, though Robert has'nt comfirmed, He seems like he wants us to find out.

    Lizzy,Mika and Ryan are a family. In episode 1 or 2. Lizzie claims to Carl that her mother died. So, in the comics, who were the twins who lost their mother?Ben and Billy. and who was the father? Allen. So everyone says 'Mika and Lizzie are Ben and Billy" but what bout Ryan? After Mazzara (grrr..) showed Allen,Donna and Ben, Gimple(horray) wanted to follow the kid murder scene, thus making Billy(or Ben) as Lizzy and Vice Versa. Allen had his leg amuputated, but wasn't introduced yet so Hershel took it. So Ryan is Allen TV Character. Instead of the leg, its the arm and neck. Lizzie is shown to have a knife so I i…

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  • Walker456

    Walker456 Talk:Shumpert

    December 18, 2013 by Walker456

    Hi all Walker here with another blog

    So This man appeared in Vatos and Season 3. How Travis Love got the job is maybe he was picked randomly (Mazarra.....)to have no story and or only one line.So im making a little thing we could make him more of a good character

    He didnt appear for 2 episodes because he was in a run. In Too Far Gone, He would be the "Survivor" Alive instead of "Unamed Man" from Martinez Camp. But it would be cool if "Unamed Man would be Gareth and Shumpert would join Rick and Co.

    Ok Greg said something about a new way to kill Walkers. Well say what it should be.

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