So as we all know, characters from the TV show are supposedly going to make an appearance in Something to Fear. With the final part of the arc due next week, I'm curious to see if this will still be implemented. But I have a few different ideas as to how this could work:

Believe me, I want Daryl to be in the comic, I really do. But Robert Kirkman has been very wishy-washy on the topic. One month he said he would think about it, the next it wasn't very likely. The only way I could see this working is if he were a Savior that will eventually switch sides.

Then there's Merle. I think he could be more likely as it would be a good tie in with season 3 of the TV show, which debuts in about a month. He could be a Savior and die or switch sides, either works.

Now for other characters. I could potentially see T-Dog as either a Hilltop resident or a Savior, though I think he's more likely to be a Hilltop resident. I could also see characters like Jenner or Beth as Hilltop residents. Hell, Jimmy could be Hilltop too. Maybe he would even get some characterization!

The one possiblitiy that I think is most likely involves the Saviors. They'll probably launch another attack soon, perhaps as early as the end of 102. When we see them attack, a few of them are talking to each other, calling them by their names, which would be Dave, Tony and Randall. Yes, I believe Randall's group of people are most likely to make the transition from TV to comic as Saviors. Given what Randall said in the show about his group, they sound a lot like the saviors.

So what do you think? Agree? Disagree? Comments?