So there has been a MASSIVE debate about luke or Kenny since episode 2 of season 2, But for me, even with his massive flaws I would pick Kenny in a heart beat, Not only has Kenny been with us since the begging but he has stood by us through thick and thin, Hell Kenny even stood by a group of people who killed his friend while Luke ran off, in episode 3 Kenny lost a eye for the good of Clem, and in episode 4 Kenny risked his life protecting Rebcca and the baby, While Luke went off and banged Jane while there where walkers that he was supposed to be protecting the group. The point of this blog post his too ask people who think this impending Luke and Kenny choice is soooooooo hard when, When there both pieces of shit, but a majority of people say that Luke is the obvious choice and Kenny is the worst sack of shit in video game history, and i'm not saying that Kenny is not bad, but Luke is probabbly the SINGLE most selfish person in TWD media, he was too focused on getting laid too protect the group from death, and he left his entire group bounded and gagged, while Kenny stepped up too plate and risked his life too save the group. So what i'm trying to say is that, whyy would anyone ever save Luke when all he will do is bail and or get laid in a time of crisis, While Kenny would atleast ty to do things, sure some of it maybe stupid in the long run but it sure has hell protected some group memebers when they needed it most, and may I add Kenny has a badass beard while luke is some ugly, clean shaven, wann be pretty boy