• Vinlossaraptor

    So there has been a MASSIVE debate about luke or Kenny since episode 2 of season 2, But for me, even with his massive flaws I would pick Kenny in a heart beat, Not only has Kenny been with us since the begging but he has stood by us through thick and thin, Hell Kenny even stood by a group of people who killed his friend while Luke ran off, in episode 3 Kenny lost a eye for the good of Clem, and in episode 4 Kenny risked his life protecting Rebcca and the baby, While Luke went off and banged Jane while there where walkers that he was supposed to be protecting the group. The point of this blog post his too ask people who think this impending Luke and Kenny choice is soooooooo hard when, When there both pieces of shit, but a majority of peopl…

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  • Vinlossaraptor

    What are you guy's thoughts are season 4 so far it was my personal favriote season but thats a discussion for a later date but today I am ranking season 4 episode by episode, This is completly my opinon so please no hate and feel free to post your opinon down below.

    16) "Clamied"

    15) "Still"

    13) Infected

    12) Isolation

    11) 30 Days without a accident

    10) Indiffrence

    9) Live Bait


    7) Dead weight 




    3)The Grove


    1)To Far Gone

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  • Vinlossaraptor

    Ok so far I have loved every second of all out war but theres only 2 issues left and so far Issue 48 has had more deaths than the entire AOW story arc so it got methinking has Robert Kirkman lost his bravery  and is afraid to kill charecters off? Because when (SPOILERS) Dwight shot Rick Iwas one of the few people who thought the arrow was mucked but in the end it wasnt wouldent have it been cool if Dwights allience with Paul. Ezekiel. and Rick was allpart of Neagans plan and then Rick dies the survivors retreat but the saviors have a full fronal assault when all the survivors are trying to escape, and we could have like 20 main charecter deaths. But that end seems very unlikely, this will probally end with all the survivors killing all the…

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