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  • I live in Beautiful and serene Kyoto, Japan [Wishfully] / Pitiful ol' boring Manila, Philippines [Kill me]
  • I was born on September 12
  • My occupation is being a Senior College Student, Digital Artist, Writer, Critic and Animator...
  • I am 万由里, 澪 秋山, 唯 平沢 そして ネプギア の 彼氏
  • Vincetick

    Ayoo, guys. Since I've been mostly inactive and then active in the wiki, I know most of everyone here doesn't know me, so I'll just let out a greeting right here. Hiya, the name's VIncetick. You can just call me Vince for short.

    Anyway, 2nd blog in the wiki and I'm not too fucking fond of it, because, I should be helping around whenever I can, but I mostly stand by and watch you guys edit. So I'm gonna say something about that later in this blog.

    Anywho, I'd just like to start off a new segment of mine in this wiki. As you can see by the name of the blog, and I know I'm not as 'famous' in the wiki like my buddy's Maimer or Pig, but what the hell, right, this blog will be about Speculations, and no it's not critically harmful towards the wiki…

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  • Vincetick

    About Season 5...

    July 28, 2014 by Vincetick

    Hey, guys! Its me Vincetick with my frist Blog on the wiki (Yay!)

    Anyways, I saw the Season 5 trailer yesterday.... replayed it 4 times too. Let me just get to the point of this blog, since all of us, if not, many of us, saw the trailer, we see that, at first we thought Gareth and the Termites (reall good pun for them, btw.) were gonna be the Hunters from the Comic and were going to try and kill Rick and Co. I saw the video and turns out, at first i thought you guys were right (which I was oppose to) but when Bob said to Gareth that Eugene has the Cure to the plague (I know its a lie), Gareth let them go, but first Rick, Bob, Daryl and Glenn (and if I saw correctly, Sam) were beaten, bad.

    Gareth then decides to band with Rick's Group to trav…

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