I was just thinking... who is going to be the one to end the Governor? My guesses are:

Rick Grimes: Cause he's the main character, but that would be predictable and boring.

Carl Grimes: I wouldn't be surprised if he would be the one to kill the Governor, he's defenetly capable of it after what we saw in the season 3 finale. Depends on where the character is going.

Glenn: Naah.. maybe? I don't know, it really depends on where the plot is going and right now, I can't really see why he would be the one, but hey it's The Walking Dead, anything can happen.

Daryl Dixon: Sure, since he's a fanfavourite the audience would love him even more if he was the one who killed off the Governor... but the only problem would be that there would be no way for the writers to kill Daryl of after that.

Michonne: Could defenetly see her kill him, since they had a fight and now she will "finish the job" or something like that.

Maggie Greene: Yeah, if she kills him she'll get a good revenge for "the almost-rape-thing" he put her through. That would be something.

Carol Peletier: This would be a bit unexpected from her but she has grown a lot since the begining, but I don't think that it's that likely that it's gonna be her.

Beth Greene: This might sound a bit wierd but I really think she could be killing the Governor if her life, her family or Judiths life depended on it. And I think that when the Governor attacks the prisongroup will be the end of him and if so, I think that the writers will shock us with Beth killing him (considering that they now officially promoted her to a series regular), and that would be awesome.

Hershel Greene: Not very likely... Just...I don't think he'll do it. I don't think he will be in the position to do it when the time comes. But I could be wrong.

Karen: Yeah, it's very likely that she will take the role of the woman from woodbury in the comics who shots him, and I think Karen might do it in a similar way.

Tyreese: I think the Governor will kill him before he kills the governor.. the same goes for his sister Sasha. But I hope not, I like them!

So what do u guys think? One of these characters or another one? Tell me youre thoughts! :)