But it may just anyway since fans of Darryl are so passionate. But why do people feel the strong need for him to crossover to the comics? Sure the actor behind the character expressed interest and from his perspective that would be a cool thing. But I am of the mentality that maybe the two entities should stay a bit seperate. I like the way the comic flows with the establish characters. While I find myself loving the way the T.V. is slightly different. For me its like watching an alternative universe version of the show with near the same plots but different outcomes.

The Dixion brothers by far are interesting additions to the show, the show itself has a different pace to it then the comics. Where as in the books you can and will see really depraved things such as a mother and child shot to death (Lori and Judith), Suicide packs and or just plain suicide (Julie and Chris, Carole) kids killing kids (Ben and Billy) and being devoured or turned (Ron and Duane). You probably will not see that in the T.V. show so they need dynamic characters like Merle and Darryl to keep things interesting.

Heck lets face it they already changed a few things that have happened in the comics including Sophia's fate, instead of getting angry about that I go with the flow enjoy the stories. I just don't see how Darryl will fit in the comic series. To me adding him at this point would be a cheezy gimmick. His character is better fit keeping the show interesting. I am not saying this to piss people off just felt like getting it off my chest after reading back so many posts about him being brought into the comics. The last one I read put that Dwight is a version of Darryl of some such and thats when I really started to question what the point of him being in the comics would be? Unless the artist decided to do an alternative issue just for fans or they decide to do a comic adaptation of the TV show (that has happened before) I just don't see the Dixon brothers breaking into the mainstream comic.