I don't know why but part of me is dreading the 20th of this month. Of course it should be natural to eagerly anticipate another issue of TWD but after the shocking brutality of 100 I am nervous for the first time following any comic series. I am worried about the aftermath of Glenn's death, and how it will impact the future stories. There is something more unsettling for me knowing our survivors are once again going to be victims of other humans with malicious intent. That for me is more frightening then the zombies. I wonder how Maggie and Sophia will deal with this loss, how Rick, Carl Michonne and Heath go back to the others after witnessing such brutality? Will our beloved characters be broken?

While there is a strong part of me that cannot wait to peel open this next issue, there is another part of me that fears what I may look at with this next book. I think Robert Kirkman could surprise us with the next book or leave us wanting more, I am just nervous about what we will see in 101.