So after yesterday reading one of my favorite series and being bummed out I decided to chill out and read others thoughts. Many were shocked, saddened and angry. Of course this is natural after losing a major character who had been a part of the story line so long. But then I saw many of the same thing "this issue did not live up to the hype" or "We were promised something more gruesome."

Um okay more gruesome then watching a beloved character bludgeoned to death in front of those who care about them?

Many people being upset by the death of this character really wanted to lash out, cries of "This series is crap, its going down the toilet" are running rampant. As to the chants of "why couldn't have been less important characters." Well think about that for a moment. Would the hundredth issue really been that monumental to you if someone lesser had died? Would you really have thought this issue had any impact if it had just been a bunch of deaths at the Alexandria safe zone or Hilltop colony?

Sorry to say but Robert Kirkman did live up to the hyping, I will give my take on something I did not agree on in a moment but I’ll explain exactly why I felt he did.

He said it was going to be the most gruesome violent issue ever. Now considering the bloodbath of issue 48 I can understand why people were thinking "were going to get another prison arc style mass murder fest." But what would have been the point? The whole point of the prison arc was killing off characters we had gotten to know somewhat. Their deaths had impact, not just Lori and Judith, but most who died in that issue had a story that we were following even if we did not get enough of their story yet (IE Alice). So yes that mass murder fest had a big impact. But if you put it in perspective if he had offed a ton of people in 100 (which he never made any inkling or promise to do so) would you really have cared? Who could he kill at the ASZ that would have made you cringe? Nicholas? Spencer? Most of the time those guys are nothing but background characters. None of their deaths would have move me in any way. And even out of the mains that are left only two or three of them would have pulled any emotion from me. So that is why I felt the one death in issue 100 really did live up to the hype. It was gruesome, gory and absolutely horrifying. It showed the darkest side of humanity and it snuffed out a light that shined on the group for so long.

But I wont give Kirkman a complete pass...


oh yeah looks like a mafia type

That being said Mr. Kirkman did blunder a bit for me as well. Negan..yeah where do I start. A bit over the top for a villain then again who knows how batshit crazy we would all be after a zombie apocalypse? Seriously though as a major villain having a thug who is a sociopath is natural, but Negan is beyond ridiculous. His grinning while beating someone to death was off putting. Perhaps if he had clown makeup and green hair it would be more understandable. But to me only one villian could ever pull of that "I'm a happy maniac who grins uncontrollably while maiming and killing." So the jok..er Negan really does not come across as someone to fear to me. His organizational skills though..Not since the Gambino crime family have I seen such a well put together group of thugs. Lets face it organize crime surviving in this dead torn world is pretty interesting. And the extortion tactics of Negan makes me think thats exactly what our new bad guy used to do. Some people say military cause of his chiseled cut chin, but being a girl out of New York I can tell you, the fear tactics, use of a barbed wire bat, the F bombs (I dub Negan Captain F-Bomb) and just the way he organized a group of savages who really have no reason to follow him outside fear seems really mafia like to me. Just staring at him now, yeah he looks like a former enforcer who is now don capo.

Hoping he does not last too long as thorn in Rick's side

But even then how long will we have to put up with this goonish thugs bs? That is what worries me, I am not against the whole human's worst then zombies theme that is running. What I am against is Ricks group falling in line with something like this for too long. Negan is crazy, his group to and our band of survivors really do have something to fear with them. But I only hope that, this something does not last as long as the Woodbury arc. Why? Because Negan is no Govenor, not by a long shot. He is vile yes, he leads a big crew yes. But he is a goon, an unfunny sadistic clown and I cannot see myself finding him interesting due to that.

Still Issue 100 did the job to me for having impact

All in all issue 100 to me lived up to the hype, clownish goon villain and all. Losing a very important character to a horrifying death had more impact to me then a bloodbath could have. And it will have a lasting impact on those left behind to pick up the pieces. Just that dynamic alone has me itching for issue 101. So kudos to Mr. Kirkman and Adlard for this book and to all those who contributed variant covers. A little book about zombies has gone to 100 issues and I know I can't be the only one looking forward to 100 more.

My grade for this 9/10 would have been a perfect 10 if Negan didn't remind me of a Joker rip off.