I was so glad to read issue 102 not to give a way a lot or cause spoilers but it was really nice to read the issue and see that Michonne was feeling real guilt and remorse from some of the things she was involved with in the past. Seeing her say she was tired of being the go to for killing was refreshing to.

I knew she was not a simple one dimensional character hence why she is one of my favorites of the series. The things she has gone threw plot wise would have broken many of people having her go on like some kind of stoic killing machine seemed far fetched even in a fantasy setting. So yes 102 was a nice look at another aspect of her personality.

It kinda choked me up a bit the dialouge between Rick and Michonne detailing that as well, once again to avoid spoiling stuff for those who did not read it yet I wont go into detail, but I can honestly say this I am even more so impressed with Michonne as a character and the life Robert Kirkman has breathed into her after this issue. I look forward to seeing what else he has in store for her and hope she last quite a few more issues.


There is more to her then just killing