Bare with me barely got my coffee in and its a rainy day at work. Was thinking about it last night, though the writers are trying to throw us off with Tyresse and Crew allegedly being the ones who will help them get the prison layout. Do any of you remember in the comic series how Martinez helped Rick get back to the prison and then was going to run back to the governor to report what he could? Yeah Rick put the stop in it but it also furthered the psycho Governor's plan to show woodbury that the prison people were horrible and they should attack.

We all know Phillip is riling the people up already but there is one wild card that always seems to crop up in his favor Merle. Now I am not writing this just because I don't like the character actually I like loathing him, Mike Rooker plays such a memorable character that I like having him around to hate. Thing is that whole set up of him fighting Darryl and label a traitor could be a ruse, he could be getting himself inside to take out the weak while Rick, Carl and Michonne are off on their little adventure. 

I hope I am wrong on this but it would come out of left field and be a betrayl that no one is really expecting, it would finally pit Darryl against his brother and see what he would do.  I just have this feeling that Merle is going to pull the Martinez move from the comics only with far deadlier results.