Withouth going into deep about tonights episode though I know there are other blog spoilers, I have come to the conclusion that if I am to call myself a fan of this series. No matter how or who Robert Kirkman (comics) or any of the writers of the TV show do to kill off or change things I am in it till the end.

When I started reading the walking dead a few years back I was shocked at how brutal the story was. How people were not safe not just from zombie attacks but other humans. I cried reading issues 47-50 and even beyond that into the Alexandria safe zone herd attack, and still not over issue 100.

But from the begining Robert Kirkman said no one was safe, not in the books, not in the tv shows. And while there are big time differences in the two stories I think both bring enough to the table to keep me watching till the very end. Its like being a fan of a sports team, sometimes you are at the top of the heap your team is champions. Sometimes they are the worst in their league but you still keep up rooting for them because their in some way yours.  Stories like The Walking dead make the characters our team to cheer for and its hard watching people go but I honestly could never call myself a fan of this series if any death even of my favorite characters made me decide to stop reading/watching. 

My only hope that as the series progresses both in comic and tv form that with every tragedy comes new hope. That is the balance that makes losing even the dwindling original group worth reading and what will make the tv show with its own dwindling group worth watching.