Just wondering a loud patiently waiting for the next issue of TWD to come out, my comic book guy loves my enthusiam hehe.  But I have been thinking, Robert Kirkman has said before he is not against killing off Rick Grimes especially considering all the bad things that has happened to him.  I know there are some who still hold onto the whole "you can't kill the main character of a series off" logic but lately the covers of 111 and 112 have me a little bit worried.

As a fan of RK (just read Marvel Zombies cannot believe I missed out on that work before it was awesome) I know he is not oppose to gruesome story telling and ripping peoples hearts out. Walking dead fans of both the books and the tv series should be used to this. 

Yet none of us were prepared for issue 100 and when it did drop it was like a kick right in the tummy.  I still can't pick up issue 100 it got put away quickly after reading it. I wonder if 111 and 112 will join those ranks as well.  I know some will think I am crazy for this but I have a bad feeling Rick's days are numbered. Id love to be wrong but a twisted part of me would love to see how the story would carry on without him.  Either way its just my musings probably not going to happen but just can't shake the feeling that those covers are predicting something bad for ole Rick.

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