We are all guilty of it, heck by my own avatar I know I am big time attached to Michonne character. But I know that while I am enjoying following her journey in a Zombie apocalyptic world that her journey could end whenever Robert Kirkman decides to do so.

Its the same with Novels, Stephen King was the first to shake my senses with this. When I read his book "The Stand" I was really hurt when characters like Larry and Nick did not make it threw the battles against Randall Flagg (sorry if I am spoiling things for those of you who have never read or watched the movies).

So I am used to reading about characters in such terms and watching those I like die. But it still amazes me how angry I can become when a beloved character is taken out. In The walking dead this is something we should all be used to, whether its the comics, games, or novels this book is set in a very desperate times. Zombies are out to feed, and some humans are capitalizing on the fall of civilization. So it should come as no shock that the group we are followings numbers maybe reduced when coming across such odds. And even when Kirkman gives us little bits of hope with these settlements, we are thrusted right back into hopelessness when that safety is shattered by death.

Still there are times I still grumble "when he decides to off Michonne I am done." I know I am not alone in this but I still feel silly feeling this way :)