Okay I am going to give this warning not only to new readers who may live on the West Coast or somewhere where tonight's episode has not shown yet. This especially goes out to those who click on my facebook links when I post blogs.  This is a discussion of a issue I had with tonights Midseason Finale.  I will try to keep it as spoiler light as possible but due to the topic I wish to discuss it will reveal some major happenings between two characters.  Please do not scroll down pass this point if you have not watched the episode and do not wish for spoilers.

  • Ahem*

I first want to say tonights mid season finale was amazing, I was glued from start to finished and was nearly tempted to stay up for the re broadcast but work and all I should really be heading to bed.  Before I turn in I had to speak about something that bothered me about tonights episode less sleep would end up with me tossing turning and griping (yes I can be that mental about this stuff sorry).  Now I for one like the fact that the show has its slight variations from the comics though I prefer the comics hands down.  I love Darryl love to hate Merle cried when we loss Dale and Sophia and cheered as holy heck when Shane finally bit it (he lived too long sorry). But all in all I accepted the fact that the TV show had to vary some from the books.  Then came Woodbury...The begining of the key moment in The Walking Dead that changed so much, that molded the characters into who they are in the comics today.

I know many of us were Jonesing to see The Govenor, Martinez, Doc Stevens, perhaps Alice (alas that was for not) The Prisoners "woo Axel" I knew they had to change some things about the Governor though to make it pass the FCC. His brutally killing the soliders showed some of his psychopathic nature, they kept the heads in tanks and even Penny. But there was a dynamic missing, one they tried to make with his "attempt" to coerce Maggie into talking.  Because of that change tonights episode lacked something big for me.

Michonne as some may know happens to be my favorite TWD character, even with her flaws in the books, the way she goes after what she wants, talking to herself, cold demeanor to even those she cares about I still find her to be the most interesting character.  The storyline involving her and the govenor was hard to read when I first got the issue, it made me sick it made me cry a bit to for many personal reasons.  But it made me also applaud when she got her vengence against him. It was an empowering yet twisted piece for me, some may not agree because of the sheer brutality of it. 

Tonight's fight captures none of that, in fact to someone watching the show who does not know the canon of the books Michonnes actions make her look awful while the governor despite his awfulness seems sympathetic.  When Michonne took out Penny I actually felt myself feeling sorry for Brian (Phillip). That was something I would have never felt in the comics. Why? Because the Governor from the books was a twisted sadistic freak who took something from Michonne just because he could, who forced Glenn to listen, who mutilated Rick, who fed his daughter(neice) human parts, took out her teeth and frenched her.   I felt no sympathy for the man from the comics he was below human to me so their fight and his torture where he lost an eye, arm, and was horribly mutilated was well worth the read.

Tonight though I couldn't cheer for Michonne, even though I wanted to, she came off as a thug, even if the Governor ordered his goons to hunt her down, her brutality tonight seemed over the top and unfitting. She could have stuck with Rick's people, got Glenn and Maggie out and gone, If they had even scripted her trying to get Andrea away from the town it would have made a bit more sense. Right now all it does is make her character look heartless and make those who are only fans of the show go "oh now we see why he has to go after Rick and his people." It puts the blame on Michonne which annoys me and to add he doesn't want the prison like he did in the books he prefer the people to stay in the make believe that is Woodbury when the jail is a safer bet. 

Some variations I can get with and understand, these two though annoy me, they take away the fundamental core of the whole Woodbury arc, The governor's greed, his ruthlessness, twisted sexual appetite, willing to torture maim and indulge in horrible acts to suit his whims. Making him romantic with Andrea, taking away his canon with Michonne (and no I did not want to see a rape on tv but like the comics didn't show it it could have been done where its implied). And killing his zombie daughter when the man begged and gave up his weapons was too much of a twist.  I did not want sympathy for that devil and thats what tonights episode gave.

So what did those who watched this think? Maybe I am over thinking things with this but it really bothered me enough to write it out. Either way look forward to seeing what others think.