Hello readers time for another one of my opinions on the comics, I know you are all excited (:p)

Warning this blog contains spoilers if you have not read the new issue!

All kidding aside some of the comments I saw on other sites about this book disappointed me. Too many Walking dead fans now only expect drastic loss and murder from the books. Comments like "big let down" and "boring" excuse me? So because Rick decides to for once use a new tactic instead of the usual kill the enemy its boring?

There has been plenty of scenario's where Rick's hand was forced against enemies, when loved ones lives were on the line. And some very questionable scenario's like cutting off Jessie's hand to save Carl. Rick is a man whose hands will forever be tainted by the things he had to do to survive. I thought it was really refreshing to see him choose another way to deal with Negan even though I hate Negan with a passion for all he has done.

But let's face it, killing him would not bring Glenn back :( or Holly, Denise or any of the others who are now gone due to him. Taking him out at this point really would put Rick on his level and whether he has done bad things before I think this is a way for Rick to show everyone that killing is not the only way to deal with assholes like Negan.

I know its been over a hundred issues, the world has changed but deep down in Rick's heart he is a lawman. He was a sheriff. It is good to see him come back full circle to thinking about actual justice for someone like Negan. It would be far too easy to just blow him away or kill him, to me its better more fitting of a punishment for Negan to see everyone thriving without him.

Though come on everyone knows it also leaves a great opening for someone to free the idiot one day and him get his revenge to.

I guess I just don't get why so many "fans" of the books are always expecting nothing but murder and bloodshed. To me one of the many charms of the walking dead is the moments of humanity that it shows. I hope Robert Kirkman keeps that spirit up I know I will definitely keep reading if he does.