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  • UndeadMuse

    Well its been a long time since ive blogged here, figured this wiki did not need my continued disillusioned take with the franchise. But like most fans ive stuck it out with both mediums of the comics and the walking dead (save Fear because fuck that show). I stuck it out the way I have several series that start out strong and engaging, yet devolved into crap that feels like the people involved just dont have the same passion as when they first started and just want it to end...(Tite Kubo's Bleach is a great example of this).

    And while I could lament how the series in both comics and TV have slid dowhill for me in the last two years, this blog post is inspired by the most nonsensical thing the TV show ever added. The fucking Garbage People!…

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  • UndeadMuse


    October 24, 2016 by UndeadMuse

    Side note I messed up the title, doing this on my tablet is rougher than I thought.

    The title of this blog should be New Theory Darryl's fate.

    So if you watched last night's premiere you saw that beyond two brutal deaths. Darryl due to standing up to Negan on behalf of Rosita, was taken captive by the saviors. This annoyed me for two reasons. 1. Why in the hell would Negan take Darryl to keep Rick in check? 2. Will viewers have to spend the whole season playing the is Darryl alive game?

    Which leads me to my theory bare with me. Do any of you remember Holly?

    If you do you also remember she was Abraham's love interest that broke up Rosita and their relationship (given to Sasha in the TV show). She decided to go after Negan to rescue Carl in the …

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  • UndeadMuse

    ,,So according to the 300 words rule my original blog was deleted.  OK I'm going to break it down with in guidelines now. Though I will say why allow us to have blogs if they are under such ridiculous scrutiny? 

    Never mind on topic as I stated before the premiere of tonight's show was just an add on to the disappointment I felt at the cliff hanger at the end of season six.  At first I worried that plot armor was going to spare us from losing one of the original Atlanta crew.  I was proven wrong but it still lacked emotional impact and thanks to me having to rewrite this I'll break down why.

    In issue 100 yes we had a brutal panel of death of a beloved character. There was no blank panel or wait for months to see Negan's victim.  It was bruta…

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  • UndeadMuse

    Our should I say De-evolution, for me while still my most favorite character from the series. I'd be a liar if I acted like I cannot see why some can't relate to her anymore. But I wanted to blog about why I feel so personally connected to her and why I hope she gets more love in future issues.

    Let's face it, ive read a lot of anti Michonne sentiment lately. Some slam her character for being one dimensional. Some think she should die already... Others have point blank come out with hate for her.

    When her character first came into the story line I was conflicted. While I liked her strength and resourcefulness in surviving (come on using her zombied boyfriend and his best friend to deter others was genius), I did not originally like the way s…

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  • UndeadMuse

    After the rage and disappointment of the finale wore off, I was left with time to think back on all of season 6. While it had some good moments in my opinion, there where several more that made me wonder what the people behind said moments where thinking.

    The suspense of the wolves who they where why they behaved the way they did had me psyched. Was this group a nod to the current comic group the whisperes? I had hoped so. Their attack on Alexandria really gave me hope that this group would be a thorn in our heroes side...

    Instead we got to see Carols super combat skills, and Morgan's aversion to taking down beings who literally tell him they will kill everyone they hold dear. The wasted potential of this group culminates when their leader d…

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