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  • UndeadMuse

    Our should I say De-evolution, for me while still my most favorite character from the series. I'd be a liar if I acted like I cannot see why some can't relate to her anymore. But I wanted to blog about why I feel so personally connected to her and why I hope she gets more love in future issues.

    Let's face it, ive read a lot of anti Michonne sentiment lately. Some slam her character for being one dimensional. Some think she should die already... Others have point blank come out with hate for her.

    When her character first came into the story line I was conflicted. While I liked her strength and resourcefulness in surviving (come on using her zombied boyfriend and his best friend to deter others was genius), I did not originally like the way s…

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  • UndeadMuse

    After the rage and disappointment of the finale wore off, I was left with time to think back on all of season 6. While it had some good moments in my opinion, there where several more that made me wonder what the people behind said moments where thinking.

    The suspense of the wolves who they where why they behaved the way they did had me psyched. Was this group a nod to the current comic group the whisperes? I had hoped so. Their attack on Alexandria really gave me hope that this group would be a thorn in our heroes side...

    Instead we got to see Carols super combat skills, and Morgan's aversion to taking down beings who literally tell him they will kill everyone they hold dear. The wasted potential of this group culminates when their leader d…

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  • UndeadMuse

    I know many will express their own sentiments about tonight. I will try to do this with as little spoiler as possible since we have people who will not view tonights finale just yet, but I am angry fucking pissed off after tonight and I have to get this out of my system.

    I put up with the "wheres Glenn" bull shit, heck that was after their several "wheres so in so storylines" like Sophia and Beth blah blah. Speculating about characters is fine when you only have to wait a few weeks tops to figure out. Even though the Glenn bs pushed me towards the edge of my rope as it is.

    I need to make it clear I get they do not wish to follow the comics source materials verbatim. I get that it may seem fun to them to have people spending months speculatin…

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  • UndeadMuse

    Seriously no pun intended on the title. I guess its well known now on the wiki what happened tonight. It drove it home clicking on Glenn's character page and seeing that red deceased title over his name. Yes some of us are speculating how this may not be what it seems. By the way I think its an ultimate disservice to the fans to have any ambiguity with this. Its agonizing to even leave us with a shred of hope for Glenn's fate. And for me it tears me more because, even if they do somehow manage to allow him to live it will feel cheap and cheezy to me. From a logical standpoint there should be no way for Glenn to make it out of this situation. He was shell shocked when he hit the ground and even if Nick was covering him the fact that he was …

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  • UndeadMuse

    Okay I will start out by saying I understand this is a beginning "Pilot" episode so I will give that the benefit of the doubt. But I have to say I was not impressed by the premire of Fear the Walking dead.

    From the onset the title gave me a bad vibe I mean seriously "Fear the walking dead?" Even the exes tried to down play and say "that is not the real title." Should have known then something was not right. I will get right to my main issue, the pacing for this show was attrocious. I get it you want us to get to know the human leads in this show you want us to feel for them or care about them a bit before you rip them from us right? Sorry I can't feel anything towards a bunch of snotty teens, a junky and his dysfunctional parents. The only …

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