So I was re-reading Volume 11 of the comics and on the Issue 61, Gabriel tells his story, how he was in his church, how he ran out of food and how he quit his church for surviving.

He then offers to the group to go the church, saying that it "could be the sanctuary you're searching"

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Sorry it's in French.

The crew meet him just before they meet the Hunters and minutes after Ben goes ape shit.

So, I was thinking: What if the TV sanctuary is the church.A church that ran out of food recently, with everyone but Gaby going out for food, infortunatly meeting a herd, going back to the not-so-good sanctuary with a coward priest who doesn't let them enter again so he can save his ass. So the safe "sanctuary" of the beginning of Season 4 will be a abandonned church in the end of Season 4

With the rumors about the last episode being named "Fear the Hunters", they can meet him on the penultimate episode of Season 4.

Also, if Gareth is indeed a code name for Gabriel... That'll explain everything.

So what do you guys think of this?