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    January 20, 2014 by U.N.Owen is hurr

    So I was re-reading Volume 11 of the comics and on the Issue 61, Gabriel tells his story, how he was in his church, how he ran out of food and how he quit his church for surviving.

    He then offers to the group to go the church, saying that it "could be the sanctuary you're searching"

    Sorry it's in French.

    The crew meet him just before they meet the Hunters and minutes after Ben goes ape shit.

    So, I was thinking: What if the TV sanctuary is the church.A church that ran out of food recently, with everyone but Gaby going out for food, infortunatly meeting a herd, going back to the not-so-good sanctuary with a coward priest who doesn't let them enter again so he can save his ass. So the safe "sanctuary" of the beginning of Season 4 will be a abando…

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    I'm stalking around since a year or less, but i've just made an account now... 'About time!

    So I was wondering, shouldn't we give the undead statut to Hershel, Julio and Mitch? We clearly saw Hershel's head separated from his body but remaining intact(maybe in the next episode we'll see Michonne thrusting her sword into it, would be nice).

    Julio just got a bullet in his back and fall, that's it, he could have make a Chase move and wake up in the middle of the battlefield. That's would be cool but very unlikely. I don't see why they put him with the main group before everything went ape shit.

    Same story with Mitch, he just got an arrow right in the heart, no big deal, and he was clearly "alive" enough before dying for reanimating…

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