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  • Tyreese

    In the season finale, characters are bound to be killed. I'm thinking Beth and Hershel now, since Lori will be killed by Woodbury, like in the comic, along with Judith, and I think Carol will die in "Killer Within". I also think Big Tiny, Tomas, and Andrew will die. Oscar and Axel will be the replacements for Beth and Hershel. Opinions?

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  • Tyreese

    The guys I'm looking forward to appearing on TWD in later seasons are: Fr. Stokes, Abraham, Douglas Monroe, Paul Monroe/"Jesus", Lilly, Dr. Porter, Rosita, Derek and the Scavengers, the Hunters, Aaron, Heath, and of course Negan. Your opinions?

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  • Tyreese


    October 16, 2012 by Tyreese

    In my opinion I think Axel will be the only prisoner to survive Season 3, and will join Rick's group, likely replacing T-Dog, Beth and Carol who I think will die in the finale.

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  • Tyreese

    Notable Walkers update

    October 15, 2012 by Tyreese


    I would suggest that people start adding new profiles to the "Notable Walkers" page for Season 3. There has been only 1 episode so far, and already 5-6 new walkers could be added. I'm thinking: Michonne's two pets, that walker with the ruined face who was wearing the tear gas mask, the three walkers killed in the house at the beginning of the episode, and the one that bit Hershel. So 7, really. Just a suggestion, I'm new to this wiki.

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