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  • Tylel2

    Basically the title.

    This is Season 4 Carl vs Season 2  Clemintine. 

    Conditions: They are both healthy, and have all the skills they have upto now

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  • Tylel2

    Character: Michonne

    Item: 18" Michonne Statue

    Price: $359.99

    Shipping Weight: 14.00 pounds

    Dimensions: H 17.5” W 13” D 10”

    Released: Q2 2014 [ESTIMATED]

    My thoughts: Definitely the most ambitious of not just these two but any statue released yet. Looks awesome, the detail is fantastic, really looks like Danai Gurira. The catch obviously being the price. I don't follow the collectible world so I'm not sure if this is a good price for an 18" statue or not. I'm sure it is though. http://www.bigbadtoy...ng&utm_content=

    Character: Carl

    Item: Carl Grimes Mini Bust

    Price: $67.99

    Shipping Weight: 4.20 pounds

    Dimensions: TBD

    Released: Q3 2014 [ESTIMATED]

    My thoughts: Like Michonne, this detail is also amazing, really looks like Chandler Riggs. Obviously this is …

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  • Tylel2

    After finishing TWD game (finally) - Oh and might i add that it was an awesome expereince. I did not think it would be that good, dispite being TWD related. Anywho to the main point...

    Clementine reminded me of Carl, not because of personalitys because they are both totally different but the fact that they go through so much, and they adapt quicker to the new world then adults. So i thought, after everything they have both seen and been through who do you think is at most risk at being totally fu*ked in the head. 

    Clementine or Show Carl?

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