Hey guys this is a short story I wrote while half asleep at about midnight so it might not be that good. But I figured why not just post it here. Tell me what you think.

Zombama A long time ago, in the year 2007, a man was elected president of The United States of America. He had promised to be a great man. He is said to have been truthful, fair, and kind. But this was not the case. For what the masses of that now extinct nation had not foreseen, was that their promising candidate was no man at all. He was a zombie. Barrack Hussein Obama was given his surname as a cover. He led a zombie hoard to bring down the country that he had sworn to protect. The only civilians that were able to survive the worth of the zombie hoards were those that were the most seemingly ill-prepared of all. The homeless of San Francisco led an assault on the zombie capitols of Zombington DC, Zombassachussetes, and The Zombiet Union. Within only two years, the zombies fell to the San-Fran Homeless. The homeless began to rejoice in their victory, however they were themselves vanquished by the only thing that would ever crush the spirit of the homeless. Hot dogs. Hot dogs that were possessed by the almighty Cthulhu. But that is the tragic tale of the planet earth. And all of this occurred because Michael Bay was allowed to direct films.

Once again it's not my best work.. but still lol