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Overseer in new issue

Ttowen November 23, 2011 User blog:Ttowen

Hey to those of you who have seen the new issue of The Walking Dead, I have a theory as to who the person watching the safe zone could be. I was thinking one of two things. Either it is the illustrious Alexander Davidson, come to revisit the Alexandria Safe-Zone after witnessing it being compromised by the zombie hoard. Or it might even be Bob, Lilly, or a group of Woodbury survivors who have been following Rick's group for sometime after the prison arc. The Walking Dead survivors guide does state that Bob did stay in Woodbury during the final assault of The Prison. And that he and Lilly are presumed to be living. Meanwhile it states that Davidson is presumed deceased. Though Davidson would make a bit more sense, being close to the Safe-Zone and all. Or is it a different survivor all together? What do you guys think?


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