I had not seen a question like this at all ever in a blog, so I thought "Hey, why not?" (This could apply to any media of The Walking Dead) 

I got into The Walking Dead by stumbling upon it randomly on Netflix on day, and I thought, I have nothing to do, so I'll just kill the entire day with this. By the end of the day, I finished all 6 avalible episodes on Netflix and was instantly hooked. Luckily, Season 2 was premiering the next day on AMC, and so I was absouloutely estatic. While season 2 had it's faults, I still loved it to death and I was fully engrossed in the characters and story. I realized about 2 episodes into season 2 that the show was based off of a comic series, so I thought I'd check it out once the season ended. By around the time season 2 ended, to the unvieling of the season 3 trailer from the 2012 Comic-con, I was caught up in the comic book series, and had also played the Walking Dead Video Game by Telltale, officially invested into the world of The Walking Dead. I love the Walking Dead because it took zombies, a medium in which was in a sense not taken so seriously and where the same story was fledged out over and over again, and transformed it into this idea that a story based post apocalyptic world filled with zombies could be told in an ongoing narrative, telling the tale of how the world's civilization has fallen apart and how we as human beings adapt and evolve in a world where the loss of humanity can happen at any second to a person. 

So why do you love The Walking Dead? What got you into it?