With season 4 on the horizon in just a few months (we can do it, just a few more months!), obviously there is a lot of hype surrounding the new season. Season 3 improved in many areas upon Season 2, but there was some lacking character development as characters were either killed off too early in their development, or were pushed to the sidelines to make way for others to be developed. In Season 4, Kirkman has stressed that there will be more community building within season 4, and with Scott Gimple being the showrunner, I say it is safe to say that character development will play a big part into this season. Here is what I would like to see happen this season with the characters in general, not to anyone in paticular: 

  • Unlikely relationships:​  By that, I mean I want to see characters who don't normally interact with each other, intereact with each other. What is the relationship between Beth and Glenn like now that they will be brother and sisters in law? Have people like Daryl and Carol welcomed Michonne as part of thr group now? Will Hershel try his best to see if Carl can steer off the path of becoming too cold? 
  • Morals Questioned: Within at least being a year into the apocalypse, how has everyone changed since season 1? I'd like to see more of the human dilemmas that could be faced in the zombie apocalypse, such as when do you make the decision to kill and not to kill and such.
  • Dominance:One thing I missed from season 2 was the struggle of what does it mean to be a good leader, and are you willing to do what it takes to survive. The Rick/Shane conflict will always be a highlight of the show for at least me, and I think with tougher decisions that will have to be made in season 4 by the surivivors, I would like to see more people questioning the role that Rick has as a group leader. The Governor will be back, and obviously new challenges will be faced with bringing in the Woodbury residents to the prison. Are people going to follow Rick's orders or will he have to but heads with certain group members? *cough, Tyreese, *cough* 

So what character development would you like to see done in Season 4?