First off, I love The Walking Dead to death, and I think it has a great storyline with great characters and themes. However, that isn't to say that The Walking Dead is perfect. There are some storylines in both the TV series and the comic series that I didn't care for at all, or maybe that I wish could have be tweaked slightly. 

In the TV series, I can tell you all that I did not care for the CDC storyline at all. Granted, it was only there for like an episode and a half, but it just felt out of place for The Walking Dead universe and felt like a cheap way to kill off Jacqui. I would have preferred that they had gone to the Vatos hideout and found it overrun, which was the initial setup for the Season 2 premiere. In the comic series, the only storyline that while I don't think I didn't like it, but I wish had been tweaked was the meeting of the Governor and how Rick's hand was cut off. I think while it did provide good shock value, all it did was handicap the main protagonist and made it harder and harder to write for as the series had gone on. Personally, I think Glenn should have had the hand cut off, as it would have given this conflict to grow between Rick and Glenn of putting people in danger and not being cautious enough with other survivors. THIS IS ALL MY OPINION, so I hope I don't step on any toes with how I think the stories I listed should have been handled. 

So what story lines do you think are not that great or you wish could have been tweaked in your opinion?