Firstly, I'd just like to say how much I enjoyed Season Three of the Walking Dead. The Govenor lived up to and perhaps even exceeded the character from the comic book. The multi-character viewpoint was brilliantly done, helping character development without becoming stale by focusing on the same few characters. The continual diversions from the comic book kept even the most hardcore fans guessing. The action we saw in Season Three was undoubtedly better than anything previously done on the show, particuarly the showdown in the mid-season finale and the Governor's first attack on the prison. Andrew Lincoln was once again spectacular and fantastically portrayed Rick's transition during the season. 

 However, despite the positives, there really was some glaring mistakes produced by the writers. Firstly, the death of T-Dog felt premature and unnesesary, I would have loved to have seen the dynamics between him and Merle. His character really wasn't developed enough, making his death feel meaningless. Most viewers would have predicted he would be dead before the season finished, but it could have been a much more meaningful death, the character had so much more to offer.

Secondly, I felt that most of the character deaths in the season were far too predictable. Although she was not expected to go so soon, and most viewers were shocked to see such a big character death as early as episode four, Lori's death scene still managed to feel stale and emotionless. For most fans it was a case of, 'ye, ye ok we all knew she was going to die get on with it.' Although it provided us with an interesting scenario for Rick, this death again felt premature and emotionally detached. The prisoners deaths were so predictable it was almost laughable. I doubt there was a single person watching the mid season finale that doubted Oscar would perish during the episode. Despite this,  Andrea's death was a clever decision by the writers in my opinion, a seemingly untouchable character killed off like that once again creates the 'no one is safe' scenario. Perhaps we'll see a similiar scenario at the end of season four, perhaps the writers will decide to kill off Glenn? Or even Daryl?

Finally, the depiction of Allen was dissapointing. The fact that the writers could portray such a huge early comic book favourite in such a dishonouring way dissapointed me. I'm surprised that Kirkman allowed it to be honest, as even he has said that he was one of his personal favourite characters and that he found it hard to kill him off in the comic book.

 Looking forward to Season Four, I am excited to see the following situations. Firstly, how Carl will be affected by his first killing. Secondly, how the Goveror will bounce back from such a crushing defeat, and his transition to an even bigger monster. Finally I just looking forward to watching the show. The Walking Dead is amazing, and I will probably be the Walking Dead untill October!