So this Negan guy is a pretty nasty piece of work. Already he's proven to be far worse than The Govenor, both individually and with the manpower behind him, he is clearly the biggest challenge Rick has had to face yet. But although he seems untouchable at the moment, eventually he will probably be killed off. But how? When? Who? Here are my theories:

  1.   War
  • Over a long period of time, potentially lasting years in the comic books, a war between the Saviors and the Allied Groups (Alexandria, Hilltop, The Kingdom etc) forms. I don't mean anything like the fights of the past, like the Prison showdown, I mean a literal war involving hundreds of people. The War would end with the Saviors defeat and Negan's execution.

  2. Assasination

  • Maggie goes undercover as one of Negan's wives and kills him in his sleep or something. THis death then sparks huge retaliation from the rest of the Saviors.

 3. War (Theory 2)

  •   The same type of war theorised in the first theory occours, but with the Saviours as the eventual winners. Ricks and Carl are forced to flee the area and never see Negan again.

 4. Negan Flees 

  • The Saviours are defeated in some way and Negan is forced to go into hiding, before reappearing again years later.

 5. Inside Job

  • It is pretty clear than some of the Saviors do not like or hate Negan. A Savior, most likely Dwight, kills Negan and the Saviors split, with some of them joining other comunities, and the other more hardcore Saviors remaining their reign of terror.

Remember these are all just my personal theories! What do you think? Comment below!