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    Ok so I think it was either in episode 9 or 10 that the Govenor attacks the prison and kills Axel. We see a masked man drive through the prison door, letting loads of Walkers out, and then weirdly runs away. Who is he?! What is the significance?! Is it a sign?!

    My theories on who it is: 

    1. Morales- Wanted to make a big entrance back into the group so they think he's cool
    2. Ms Mcleod- She's actually a secret ninja
    3. Noah- turns out he doesn't have asthma and is actually a crazy meth addict
    4. Shumpert- Knows he is invinsible so can do what the hell he likes as long as he doesn't talk

    What do you think? Who is this mysterious ninja? Comment and share your theories!!

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  • Tomharrison9496

    Negan's Fate

    April 4, 2013 by Tomharrison9496

    So this Negan guy is a pretty nasty piece of work. Already he's proven to be far worse than The Govenor, both individually and with the manpower behind him, he is clearly the biggest challenge Rick has had to face yet. But although he seems untouchable at the moment, eventually he will probably be killed off. But how? When? Who? Here are my theories:

    1.   War
    • Over a long period of time, potentially lasting years in the comic books, a war between the Saviors and the Allied Groups (Alexandria, Hilltop, The Kingdom etc) forms. I don't mean anything like the fights of the past, like the Prison showdown, I mean a literal war involving hundreds of people. The War would end with the Saviors defeat and Negan's execution.

      2. Assasination

    • Maggie goes und…
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  • Tomharrison9496

    Ok, so we all know he will die eventually. He'll probably be killed in a massive showdown at the end of Season Four. Question is, who will kill him?

    Here are my theories:

    • Daryl- Shoots him in the head with his crossbow for what he did to Merle.
    • Michonne- Stabs him in the head for everything he's done to her.
    • Rick- Shoots him through a scope then eyefucks the camera.
    • Martinez- Realises what he's doing and kills the Govenor before dying himself.

    What are your views? Comment below!

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    Firstly, I'd just like to say how much I enjoyed Season Three of the Walking Dead. The Govenor lived up to and perhaps even exceeded the character from the comic book. The multi-character viewpoint was brilliantly done, helping character development without becoming stale by focusing on the same few characters. The continual diversions from the comic book kept even the most hardcore fans guessing. The action we saw in Season Three was undoubtedly better than anything previously done on the show, particuarly the showdown in the mid-season finale and the Governor's first attack on the prison. Andrew Lincoln was once again spectacular and fantastically portrayed Rick's transition during the season. 

     However, despite the positives, there reall…

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