So this blog is pointing out a few faults of one of Walking Dead's show runners. No, it is not Glen Mazara, it's Darabont. I like Darabont and I think season 1 was the best. But I have to point out he isn't perfect.


When. I first saw the TV show, I though Lauren Holden was playing Carol. She is not what I expected Andrea to be. I know that Darabont used to work with Holden in other projects, but did he have to include her in this? Dale, Shane, Carol, and a few others were in other projects of his, but they were actually good at acting as their character. But Holden didn't look anything like Andrea except the blonde hair. She is too old. Then he made her try to kill herself, and she just started sucking.

Walker logic

I know that a few scenes of the zombies were inspired by old zombie movies, but they really didn't have to add these in. I am talking about scenes that don't listen to Kirkman's law of zombity. Like when the walker breaks the window with a rock. What the heck. They never do that again and they definitely didn't do that in the comics. Or when Jenny Jones zombie tries to open the door to Morgan's house. Or when the walkers start to running. Did Darabont even read the comics! And why didn't Kirkman's say something about this!

Deleted Scene

I liked the part where Carl was shot, and the part where the herd attacked, but overall What Lies Ahead was not the most exciting episode. I later heard that they deleted a scene where the gang returns to the nursing home and everyone is dead. I would want to see this more than the herd. And the most annoying thing in the world is the unknown characters on the character page.