I've been on this wiki for about a year, maybe more, and I've noticed that a lot of people like the comics a lot more than the show. I enjoy them both and I get defensive of both when people rage about them. But here are some characters who are much better in the show than the comics.

1. Maggie Greene: she is a weak girl in the comics and hasn't done anything strong until last issue. In the show, she has killed plenty of walkers and a few humans. She is a good shot, taking Andrea's place as the guard tower person. And she is a lot hotter than her comic counter part.

2. Hershel Greene: Hershel in season 2 is similar to his comic counter part. They both want Rick's group to leave and they aren't extremely nice. But in season 3 and 4, after Dale died, he became the moral of the group. He, in my opinion, was the nicest character in the whole franchise. His death was the hardest death to accept in the entire show.

3. Bob Stookey: He didn't do shit in the comics. He does a little more shit in the show. But not much. But I am pretty sure they will developed him more in the next half.

4. Andrea: just joking

4. The Governor: In the comics, the governor was just a weird guy with a creepy mustache that cut off ricks hand and raped Michonne for nothing. We didn't get to know him until the novels came out, a long time after he died in the comics. In the show we got to see him as a nice guy, kind of, and see that most things he did was for his town and penny. We got to see him go from Philip who kills Military men for weapons to Philip who kills people so no one knows where his town is to one eyed freak Philip to killing his army governor to Brian the nice stranger to governor who is cutting off old men's heads.

5. Carol: she might have been hotter in the comics, but she was stupid. She tried to kill her self in front of her daughter and then decided to feed herself to a walker. In the show, she gets shit done. She started off weaker than her comic version, but Sophia's death toughened her. Now she is teaching children to use knives and burning sick people. Nuff said

6. Shane: in the comics he was only there for six episodes. All he did was bang Lori and yell and get shot by Carl. In the show, we saw a Walter white kind of transition. He started out just trying to help Lori and Carl, but slowly became a maniac.

Agree or disagree. Tell me below.