Ok, first off this blog is only half walking dead. I do t know if that is allowed or not but whatever. Today I will be comparing the wife of two main protagonist. I will be comparing Lori Grimes and Skyler White (Breaking Bad).





Marriage Life

We never saw Lori and Rick prior to when shit went down, but Rick mentions it isn't going well in Day Gone Bye. We did see Skyler and Walt before shit went down, and it was good. She even gave him bacon and hand jobs on his birthday. But after shit went down: Lori hooked up with Rick's best friend. But in her defense, she thought Rick was dead and I'm pretty sure Shane did the seducing part. And when Rick came back Lori stopped the thing with Shane and tried to keep it from Rick so he wasn't hurt. Skyler wasn't so kind. When she found out Walt was a drug dealer, which is because he needs money for the family, she sleeps with her boss, Ted. She doesn't hide it either. She walks up to Walt and says "I Fucked Ted". That is a kind thing to say to your cancerous husband risking his life to make money for you and your children.

Relationship with Children

Lori was a careless mom. She never knew where the fuck Carl was. Bitch, he ain't in the house. But she was nice to him. He wasn't exactly kind to her, but he is a teenager. Judith is a harder case. She tried to abort her, but it was because she didn't want Judith to live in this world. But in the end Lori did die for her baby to be born. It makes up for the almost aborted thing.

Skyler was nice to her kids. She never was mean to Junior or Holly directly. But she did smoke and drink when she was pregnant with them, which is possibly a reason the Walt Jr has disabilities. She lied to Junior a lot and tried to kill herself in front of him. And tried to kill Walter in front of him.

Relations with others

Lori wasn't the most liked person in the group. Andrea and her occasionally had bitch fights, and she was a bitch to like everyone. Jim had heat stroke so she yelled at him. She wanted Rick to let Merle die. She made Glenn her slave. Even Carol didn't like her a lot. But some people liked her. Dale, Hershel, TDog, Jacqui, Amy, Beth, and Maggie were her friends. She was nice to them.

Skyler was a bitch to Jesse, she thought he was a junkie while he was probably nice than she was. Marie deserved a lot of the bitching, but not all. She bitched to Saul, who always had her back. I wish Walt bitched to her more.


Lori flipped her car after hitting one walker. I think we can agree she has no Badassness at all. Skyler had her bad ass moments. Like escaping the police station after faking labor. She helped a little in the drug industry in the end. She was a good liar. She was actually a cool character, until season 5.

Usefulness in the overall series

Lori helped develop Shane and Rick's relationship. Her death developed Carl and Rick. During season 2, when Andrea was somewhat likable, Lori took charge of most hatable character. But did she do much, nope. Her death wasn't even in the end of the season, it was in the forth episode. I think she killed one or two walkers. Skyler was a fallen apart person like Walt. She was a good foil and help develop a lot of characters. She helped his business and ran the car wash. If she didn't marry Walt, Hank wouldn't be Walt's brother in law. She did some shit.


Lori is more useless but Skyler is a bigger bitch. I really wished she died in the finale. Who do you think is the bigger bitch. Who else do you think is a bitch? Andrea, Beth, Lilly? Marie, Lydia, Jane? Comment