Whether or not you think the gang will get to Alexandria this season or next season or later, it is going to happen eventually. Characters from the comics haven't been introduced in a group since season 1. Season 2 only had Hershel and Maggie (and michonne kinda) and then there was patricia who cant even be considered a character and otis who was nice and important to carl and shane's story but way too different from the comic counterpart. season three had the governor, the prisoners, and tyreese, then allen, donna, and ben who are just... yeah. But when they get to the Alexandria Safe Zone, there are going to be a lot of new character that they better include.

Heath: The new black guy who is pretty cool.

Jessie: I am most excided to see rick's new girlfriend then any other character. If they exclude her from the show I will be pretty mad.

Pete: He is Jessie's husband and he has a great story line. He is similar to Ed from the show but rick gets to beat him up and later shoot him (whoops, spoiler). 

Douglas: The leader of the safe zone. He is cool but creepy.

Denise: The nurse or doctor or something that works at Alexandria. 

Olivia: I don't know why I like her so much but she is my favorite character from Alexandria.

Tell me who you can't wait to see on the show.