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    Ok, first off this blog is only half walking dead. I do t know if that is allowed or not but whatever. Today I will be comparing the wife of two main protagonist. I will be comparing Lori Grimes and Skyler White (Breaking Bad).

    We never saw Lori and Rick prior to when shit went down, but Rick mentions it isn't going well in Day Gone Bye. We did see Skyler and Walt before shit went down, and it was good. She even gave him bacon and hand jobs on his birthday. But after shit went down: Lori hooked up with Rick's best friend. But in her defense, she thought Rick was dead and I'm pretty sure Shane did the seducing part. And when Rick came back Lori stopped the thing with Shane and tried to keep it from Rick so he wasn't hurt. Skyler wasn't so …

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    Sorry to do this

    February 13, 2014 by Thewalkingfred

    So this blog is pointing out a few faults of one of Walking Dead's show runners. No, it is not Glen Mazara, it's Darabont. I like Darabont and I think season 1 was the best. But I have to point out he isn't perfect.

    When. I first saw the TV show, I though Lauren Holden was playing Carol. She is not what I expected Andrea to be. I know that Darabont used to work with Holden in other projects, but did he have to include her in this? Dale, Shane, Carol, and a few others were in other projects of his, but they were actually good at acting as their character. But Holden didn't look anything like Andrea except the blonde hair. She is too old. Then he made her try to kill herself, and she just started sucking.

    I know that a few scenes of the zombi…

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    January 24, 2014 by Thewalkingfred

    Who is your favorite original tv character

    Definitely the producers favorite original. He is the only one to live through 3 and a half seasons. I know a lot of people hate him, but he doesn't bother me too much.

    Nothing to say about T Dog. He is the stand in for Tyreese until he came.

    The redneckest of them all. He is mean and cruel but eventually turn better and helped take out a lot of Woodbury's men.

    Tyreese's sister who is much better that Julie. She can fight and shoot and can boss Tyreese around.

    Milton is the man. He is like the Alice of the show. He is smart, he turns against the governor, and he even kills Andrea, kinda.

    There are Beth fan girls (and boys) and there are haters. I like her, but I also like all the characters (minus Andre…

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    Uncredited extras

    January 21, 2014 by Thewalkingfred

    I know you all must be sick of my blogs by now, but I just wanted to ask something. There are a lot of random people in the character section like Thomas from season 4 (not the prisoner). He isn't credited, his actor isn't credited, and they never mention his name. Does he really count as a character?

    I think the rule for a character should be they have to be one of the following:

    • they have to be at least a co-star
    • they have to be named ONSCREEN (not by the actor on Facebook)

    Maybe we can have a notable extra page for the rest of them.

    Tell me what you think

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    Alexandrian Tv

    January 19, 2014 by Thewalkingfred

    Whether or not you think the gang will get to Alexandria this season or next season or later, it is going to happen eventually. Characters from the comics haven't been introduced in a group since season 1. Season 2 only had Hershel and Maggie (and michonne kinda) and then there was patricia who cant even be considered a character and otis who was nice and important to carl and shane's story but way too different from the comic counterpart. season three had the governor, the prisoners, and tyreese, then allen, donna, and ben who are just... yeah. But when they get to the Alexandria Safe Zone, there are going to be a lot of new character that they better include.

    Heath: The new black guy who is pretty cool.

    Jessie: I am most excided to see ric…

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