First Thing To Say!

Hey people of the Wikia! TWD123 here with a blog. This one is about THIS guy:


Background Survivor #98

You may be asking,"Why this redshirt?" Well my answer is...I shit you not...he is the ISS teacher at my school! I know his name, and it is Darnell Richards. Upon closer inspection on Season 3, Episode 9,"The Suicide King", I noticed him, so the next day I asked him and he told me it WAS in fact, him. 


Finally, Gareth is coming! He has been mentioned, and now, he is the season finale. But, was it him that "kidnapped" Beth? So, Scott Gimple (at least, I think it was him) stated Gareth was a crossover of a known comic character. I personally believe this to be Gabriel Stokes. So, Gabe is a priest, right? When Beth was kidnapped, the car she was in had a cross on it. Was it Gareth? Very likely, and they have confirmed Gareth is part of Terminus. So, is it possible Beth is currently at Terminus? Again, very likely.

M'kay, Bye!

Thank you for reading, and I will see you later! Bye!