Here's my death predictions...

Rick Grimes- Live, it's just Season 4, I doubt Rick will die.

Carl Grimes- Live, if Carl died this early, the show would go downhill, like, REALLY downhill.

Judith Grimes- 50/50, I can see her dieing, but it's probably for the best she doesn't die.

Morgan- Live, he's already confirmed to appear for GOOD this time, so I'm guessing late Season 4 AFTER the Prison.

Glenn- 50/50, maybe die like Tyreese in comic series, but who really knows.

Daryl- Live, his character is just getting better and better every season until he just is gone, but it's to early.

Carol- Live, her character is just starting to develop, and no, I DO NOT THINK SHE WILL COMMIT SUICIDE.

Hershel- Dead, since the S4 trailer, he leaves the prison 4 the attack so he will probably die by the hunters.

Maggie- Live, I doubt Maggie will die, she's to much of a character to die.

Beth- Live, Beth is just like Carol, just starting to get development.

Karen- Dead, I don't see her living past the prison attack.

Ms.McLeod- Dead, she will very likely die when someone let's the walkers in the prison.

Caesar Martinez- Dead, He just can't survive S4, his character will die from either Carl or Rick.

Shumpert- Live, 'Nuf said.

Philip- Die, I doubt he will live S4, he actually was SUPPOSED to die in S3.

Tyreese- Live, he is just entering the show, they can't kill him off...yet.

Sasha-Dead, In the trailer, Tyreese was crying, likely about Sasha. Then Tyreese runs into the walkers, you know what happens next.

Bob Stookey- Live, we didn't see much of Bob in the comic series, now is his time to shine.

Zack- 50/50, we know NOTHING about this character, he could be TV Ben(video game Ben) for all we know, he might be the one who let walkers in the prison by ACCIDENT.

Flame- Unknown, Flame could be stolen by the person in the comic who stabbed Eric and took their horse/Maggie's horse.

Michonne-Dead, lol kidding she will totally live.