Alright, everyone knows Season 4 of The Walking Dead will premeire October 2013. Well, I wanted to post our cast members for Season 4 + predictions.

Main Cast                                                                     Recurring Cast

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes                                                        Melissa Suzanne McBride as Carol Peletier

Danai Gurira as Michonne                                                                Melissa Ponzio as Karen             

Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee                                                            Jose Pablo Cantillo as Caesar Martinez

Lauren Cohan as Maggie (Greene) Rhee                                        Lawrence Gilliard Jr. as Bob Stookey

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon                                                       Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene

Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes

Emily Kinney as Beth Greene

Chad L. Coleman as Tyreese

David Morrisey as The Governor/Philip Blake

Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha


Travis Love as Shumpert

Adelaide and Eliza Cornwell as Judith Grimes

Parker Wierling as Noah

Season 4 Predictions

The Governor, Shumpert, and Martinez speak about their plans on forming a large group to take out the prison group. Shumpert is in mid-sentence and is immediatly bit in the neck by a surprise walker. Martinez stabs it throught the neck and Shumpert shoots it. The Governor runs off as he sees Shumpert being devoured. Martinez heading toward a National Guard Station.

Rick watches as Daryl and Tyreese build the guard tower back up. Rick calls a group meeting and states just 5 months ago, the woodbury citizens joined them and that they now trust them enough to start gun practice. Dr.Stevens introduces Rick to their new medic-Bob Stookey-former military medic who decides to help Dr.Stevens with injuries and sicknesses.Glenn is then heard yelling for Maggie.She comes and they kiss and prepare for their wedding.

Karen and her son, Noah, talk about his father, who is dead. He cries, and Karen tells him not to worry, it will be okay. Noah exits the room.Karen then speaks to Michonne about their crushes. Michonne admits she likes Tyreese and Karen says she likes Daryl.Michonne then tells Karen that Carol and Daryl are now a couple. Karen is a little sad, but gets over it in time for Glenn and Maggie's wedding.

The wedding of Glenn and Maggie takes place and Hershel is the priest, Rick is the best man, Daryl, Carl,Noah,Tyreese, and Bob are groomsmen while Carol,Beth,Michonne,Karen,and Sasha are bridesmaids.After the wedding, Maggie reveals to everyone she is pregnant.Glenn kisses her, and Rick then has a vision of Lori, than immediatly thinks, Maggie could die going into labor,just like Lori did.

The Governor follows Martinez to the NGS and they meet 47 new survivors, including the Morales family.They are told about Rick's group by TG, but Morales doesn't know it's Rick from atlanta.Morales goes to the prison w/ Martinez and Morales is attacked by Carl and they immediatly notice eachother, and Martinez stabs Morales is the back, injuring him.Just as Beth kills Martinez, Rick hears screaming and goes, followed by Tyreese and Daryl.They help Morales and they greet him. He says to go after his family, but stops at the sound of a gunshot--------------from within the prison.

Karen runs to the sound and Rick stops her.  Daryl and Glenn enter and find Noah dead with a note in his hand saying,"I'm sorry,mom".  Karen freaks out but their mourning is brought to an end... Martinez wasn't dead.He than starts shooting at the group, killing Ms.Mcleod and Dr. Stevens.He escapes and Rick shoots and injures him.Rick and Glenn chase him through the woods as TG attacks and captures Glenn. Rick is than captured, not knowing Glenn was,too. TG says to leave or Glenn and Rick die.  They refuse on Rick's orders, and TG prepares to kill Rick, as he is sniped through the shoulder.

Morales speaks about him and Rick going back to the NGS to get Eliza and Louis, because Miranda had been devoured earlier, 6 months before.  They go, secretly. They find the room the kids stayed in, and see them dead inside. They are caught by a man Morales knows named Nicholas.  Morales tells Nicholas about who Rick and TG really are.  Nicholas says he will get his wife Paula and son Mikey and they'll leave with them.  Morales tearfully tells Rick over and over he never should have left. Rick tells him it wasn't his fault. Nicholas returns with his family and they prepare to go.

They arrive back at the prison with it being overrun. Rick worries about his family and runs through the walkers, killing some.  They finally make it to the inside and Hershel is praying with the group that they will survive. Rick asks where Carl is and Sasha says she saw him in his cell with someone. Rick heres him say"...I could have found you Sophia, we'd be happy together..."Rick walks in and tells a tearful Carl that he is sorry. Rick asks how long he's been "talking" to Sophia and he says since the farm was overrun. After killing some walkers, they cleared out an area of the prison. Hershel screams, and Maggie and Beth come running, and Hershel tells them a walker startled him and he had to kill it.They all believe him, but Daryl has his suspicions.

That night Hershel walks through the gates and his knocked out by unknown people. Daryl sees the whole thing, kills one of them, and then immediatly tells the group. Maggie and Beth cry while Glenn comforts them.

The Hunters tell Hershel they're going to eat him day by day and they've already eaten his left arm. Hershel than reveals he was bit on the left shoulder and David, the leader, kicks him over and over. They bring Hershel back to the prison as bait, and Daryl comes out as he is shot in the leg. Rick, Glenn, Maggie, and Carl bring Hershel inside, and he tells Maggie and Beth he was bit. They cry, and Rick says he's sorry, and puts Hershel down.