The Walking Dead Prison has been confirmed to appear in Season 4 but when will the Prison Arc end???

Honestly, I would like to see it progress throughout Season 4 to give the characters time to explore and have a safe place to live.Because, the way I see it, Prison = Alexandria.

If they DO end the Prison any time soon, I'd say Mid-season 5.Including the deaths of

Daryl Dixon- Daryl is a very neat character but his time has run out,as much as I like Daryl,he just has to go.

Karen- Karen = Jessie. She will take the role as Rick's new lover after his wifes death is Killer Within. She will likely be the cause of Philips death in Season 4, than be bit, and be devoured in about mid-season.The Prison will be overrun but they will eventually clear it back up.

Noah- He will likely die in early Season 4. I don't see him sticking around that long. Even if Parker Wierling doesn't want to stay, he'd be dead either way (death of Woodbury soilders in Welcome to the Tombs.)

Carol Peletier- Sadly, Carol has to die in about Season 4.If Daryl dies, he likely will, she has to go along with him. (Big Plans Ring a bell? Hint: Theodore Douglas a.k.a T-dog)

Hershel Greene- I don't like what I'm saying but Hershel is a burden and a goner. Prison Assault. People expect a one-legged old man to escape a hundred guns firing everywhere. Be realistic.

The Governor- He will likely die, like I stated, by Karen. Though before he dies, we want to know a few things. How did his daughter die? Did his wife REALLY die before the apocalypse, or is it another one of his little lies?

Glenn Rhee- Sorry Glenn, but Season 4 you're gone. Take the role of Tyreese for example. But if Daryl does, he dies in Season 5 by the Hunters. If THAT happens, Maggie takes the role of Andrea.

P.S.I think prison assault will be led by Caesar in Season 5.