So, in A House Divided, someone Clem thought was dead, is actually alive. Who could it be, though?

Who It Could Be

  • Christa- She was seperated from Clementine and was presumably killed because Clem heard gunshots and Christa yelling.
  • Kenny- It as revealed in The Walking Dead Comic-Con panel Kenny's fate "would be explored" in Season 2. Him appearing makes most sense, as he was never seen killed.
  • Omid- I know, your thinking "Who can survive THAT shot?" Though unlikely, it is possible for his survival.
  • Christa's baby- Lol just kidding. But, hey, what ever happened to the baby?????
  • LEE- No.
  • Molly- Molly makes sense (especially if you left her in Crawford) as she just left the group, and if she makes it out of Crawford, Lee doesn't ever tell Clem about Molly leaving, thus causing Clementine to presume her death.
  • Lilly- Lilly could have made her way to North Carolina easily. She is a likely person to be thought dead by Clementine (especially if you leave her on the road.)
  • Sam- Lol just kidding. XD!