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  • Thewalkingdead123

    Hey people of the Wikia! TWD123 here with a blog. This one is about THIS guy:

    You may be asking,"Why this redshirt?" Well my answer is...I shit you not...he is the ISS teacher at my school! I know his name, and it is Darnell Richards. Upon closer inspection on Season 3, Episode 9,"The Suicide King", I noticed him, so the next day I asked him and he told me it WAS in fact, him. 

    Finally, Gareth is coming! He has been mentioned, and now, he is the season finale. But, was it him that "kidnapped" Beth? So, Scott Gimple (at least, I think it was him) stated Gareth was a crossover of a known comic character. I personally believe this to be Gabriel Stokes. So, Gabe is a priest, right? When Beth was kidnapped, the car she was in had a cr…

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  • Thewalkingdead123

    Cast Pages

    February 26, 2014 by Thewalkingdead123

    So, there are these pages for a season's cast, like "Starring" and "Recurring Cast". I find these pages unnecessary and useless. For one thing, you can just look at the cast on the page for the Season, and I don't even think there are any pages that link to them. If you do not know what pages I am talking about, here are a few examples. So, these pages should be deleted.

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  • Thewalkingdead123

    A House Divided

    December 30, 2013 by Thewalkingdead123

    So, in A House Divided, someone Clem thought was dead, is actually alive. Who could it be, though?

    • Christa- She was seperated from Clementine and was presumably killed because Clem heard gunshots and Christa yelling.
    • Kenny- It as revealed in The Walking Dead Comic-Con panel Kenny's fate "would be explored" in Season 2. Him appearing makes most sense, as he was never seen killed.
    • Omid- I know, your thinking "Who can survive THAT shot?" Though unlikely, it is possible for his survival.
    • Christa's baby- Lol just kidding. But, hey, what ever happened to the baby?????
    • LEE- No.
    • Molly- Molly makes sense (especially if you left her in Crawford) as she just left the group, and if she makes it out of Crawford, Lee doesn't ever tell Clem about Molly leaving…

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  • Thewalkingdead123

    I just think that the Wikia should make seperated character pages for Video Game characters seperated from Season 1 and Season 2 characters.

    That is all, and adios.

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  • Thewalkingdead123

    Okay, so you know how Glenn proposed to Maggie? Well, did they ever have the wedding? Thanks.

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