Before I begin,

Dont shoot me if someone else made a blog about this because I haven't seen one, and I have looked.

So anyways, this blog is about my death predictions for Too Far Gone, Season 4 Episode 8. The much hated time of the year we call the mid season finale.


Rick's Group: Santa (Hershel), I don't want him to die, but I think it will happen. Sasha, I have no real feelings about her but do think she will die. Glenn, I'm sad too but I think him and Maggie have been too lucky (with the exception of Merle and the Gov. torturing them). Jeanette, a character far too minor to live for long and Mika, Lizzie's younger sister.

The Governor's group: The Gov. He is past his use-by date, I'll leave it at that. Alesha, I think she has potential but so did Zach... and Pete... and Clara... and Martinez... and Karen... and David Chalme- Okay I'll stop now. I also think Tara will not survive the episode, I have no clue why, it's just a feeling I have.

And also! Before I forget, it is about time we found out who was feeding the rats to the walkers... I'm just saying that I think it was Lizzie!

I appreciate reading your predictions, so comment!