Hey guys, I wanted to make a blog to discuss the different banners for each episode.

In Episode two: A House Divided, the banner shows two unknown characters that are suspected to be bandits. Perhaps from Carver's group or maybe one of them is Carver himself. We suspect we will run into them in Episode Two.

In Episode three: In Harm's Way, the banner shows Clem and Rebecca in a dirty room. Rebecca looks tired/in pain so Im guessing she has the baby in Episode three. It almost looks like they are in a cell so maybe they were imprisoned by Carver.

In Episode four: Amid The Ruins, the banner shows Clem with blood streaked across her face almost like war paint. Behind her are a bunch of silllouhetes. And i have heard that the sillouhettes can differ. Now are the characters that show up on the banner affected by 400 Days and their decision to leave with Tavia or stay at the camp?

In Episode five: No Going Back, the banner shows a walker in the snow and a city in the distance. This is the hardest to predict cause it can mean anything. Maybe we go to this city in Episode five, and its probably further north like where Christa wanted to go, hence the snow.

Which banner is your favourite?

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Which banner makes you the most excited for that Episode?

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