These are my predictions to the 5th episode of Season 4:

-The episode starts off with the group fighting the infection

-Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and Tyresse finally get back to the prison and stop the infection from spreading but Doctor S. dies.

-(Maybe Sasha dies...)

-Carol is trying to find her way back to the prison but gets lost and runs into a pack of walkers who force her to abandon her car

-Everyone is happy at the prison because they beat the infection

-We here a loud crunch and the group rushes outside to see the Governor roll up with his tank..."Kill them all."

Episode 6 and 7 are going to be flashback episodes of the Governor building his army and Episode 8 (midseason finale) will be the battle of the prison, ending with the group being scattered and the fans to wait two months to see what happened to our lost survivors.

Oh and Carol returns in Episode 8 to save someone so she can redeem herself.

Episode 9 in Febuary will be like Volume 9 and so on from there...