Link to the trailer :


If the episode is as good as this trailer, it might be the best episode of the season. The potential is certainly there since telltale can go anywhere with this last couple episodes. Now that the whole Carver storyline has come to an end there aren't many storylines to wrap up. And since it seems like Rebecca is going to give birth next episode, I am really interested to see where telltale is going for Episode 5, since they have to top last year's finale.

It looks like we are getting lots of zombie killing this episode, since the trailer is basically full of zombies. And also we are going to the war memorial (where we hopefully see Christa). Sarita looks in bad condition and I am wondering if that is only if you killed the zombie or if you cut off her arm aswell. I really want that decision to impact not only Sarita's life, but also the way the group sees Clem. The trailer makes it look like Kenny is going to die because of his line, "It was peaceful." Perhaps Sarita is going to die either way and Kenny is going to go down like Katjaa. The irony and the tradegy would make for great writing on Telltales part. But since Rebecca is giving birth this episode, will she make it, or will she die? Maybe when the zombies are attacking after Rebecca is finished giving birth, you have the option to leave her behind or stay and defend. But if you stay and defend, one of the group members like Jane or Mike get bitten and you have to put them down. That would be another awesome, "Did I choose right?" moment in the game. The last question I have for Episode 4 is will we find Sarah? I think no, I think that is going to be kept a mystery for Episode 5. Or if we do find her, I think it will be at the very end for a cliffhanger.

My death predictions for Amid the Ruins:


-Jane/Mike or Rebecca